Need encouragement to take a camping getaway?


Fall is the BEST time for DC camping, and here's why:

  1. Campfires! In the summer in our region, that last thing you want is more hot air blowing at your face. Two changes in the fall converge making it the right time to light one up. First, the days are shorter. Sunset by 7 pm means you need the camp fire for light. Second, the nights are cooler. After another brutal DC summer, you've earned those cool nights of DC camping. Sit on a log next to a fire and enjoy "caveman TV." 

  2. Wildlife! As winter approaches, all the animals spend their days eating whatever they can find. You're more likely to see deer, bears, and foxes midday in the fall rather than just at dawn and dusk. Just don't let your lunches become their meals! 

  3. Views! Because we don't have the highest mountains around here, you could hike all day during the summer in our area and never catch a good view. In the fall, with the leaves off the trees, any high ridge becomes a view scape of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. 

Where do you want to go Capitol Hill campers? What outdoor equipment do you need to make it a successful trip? Connect with us!